Can I book a room on the same day of my arrival?

Can I book a room on the same day of my arrival?

Yes, just double-check that the front desk will be working at the time you intend to check in.
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    • Why is the room I selected unavailable?

      This might happen if another customer is trying to book the same offer simultaneously with you. If they don’t proceed with the booking within a certain timeframe, the reservation will be lifted and the room will become available again. 
    • How long in advance can I book my hotel?

      In most cases, you can book your hotel room 12 or even 18 months in advance, however, this varies strictly by hotel, destination and time of year.
    • How do I book a travel service on LockTrip?

      LockTrip's goal is to be quick and easy to use. All the offers available on the marketplace are provided to you by our suppliers on an "as is" basis. This means that we display everything that the supplier and the property forward to us. During the ...
    • What is the maximum number of rooms that I can book in one reservation?

      You can book up to 4 rooms simultaneously.  Note: Group bookings are currently not available on If you decide to place 2 or more separate bookings for a total of 5 or more rooms, your reservations will be at risk of cancellation since ...
    • What is the difference between double and twin room?

      A twin room has two separate beds, while a double room has one queen- or king-size double bed.