Can prices on the website change?

Can prices on the website change?

Prices on LockTrip are dynamic. They come from the properties and can change even while you are completing your booking steps, depending, for example, on the room availability. We cannot influence that but we will notify you if there is a price change so you can confirm whether you would like to proceed with your booking under the new rate terms.

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    • Can I change the property I booked?

      This is not possible. Hotels in our inventory are not interchangeable. Each offer comes with specific cancellation and refund policies provided by the very hotel. If you would want to change your booking to one in a different hotel, what you can do ...
    • I compared prices with another booking site and LockTrip was more expensive. You claimed your prices were 20% cheaper.

      Prices on LockTrip are 20% cheaper on average. Individual cases will deviate around this average. It is, therefore, possible that LockTrip shows the same or even a slightly higher price for a certain property. On the other hand, you will also find ...
    • Why do I need to be registered with in order to see the prices?

      LockTrip's prices are significantly below industry standards, which is why we are not allowed to disclose them publicly. The registration is completely free of charge and will give you access to the members-only rates. 
    • Can I change the names of the guests?

      Changing the name of the guests different from the booking holder should not be an issue, however, it is subject to the property's approval and needs to be arranged directly with them.  Note: If during the booking process you are not certain who you ...
    • Can I change the dates of my original booking?

      Changing the dates of your original booking is not possible through Any modifications should be arranged directly with the property and are subject to approval. Changes due to unforeseen circumstances are determined by the policies of ...