How can I get a discount code?

How can I get a discount code?

To obtain a discount code, you have two options:

1. You can receive one through the network of the LockTrip Affiliates, or
2. You can follow the campaings on our social media pages Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to stay updated with us for the latest news!

Our Affiliate program is currently undergoing an internal restructuring. As a result, percent-based discount codes have been temporarily disabled.
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    • I have a discount code. How can I apply it?

      To use your discount code, you have to enter it during the sign-up on the marketplace. The discount applies only to your first booking. Note: Please note that self-referring is not allowed. You can read more in our Affiliate Terms & Conditions. ...
    • When do I get a confirmation email?

      The booking confirmation email is usually received within an hour or less. Sometimes our emails get misdirected to your Spam folder, so make sure to double check there in case you haven't received your booking confirmation email yet.
    • How will I get my money back after a cancellation?

      When you cancel within the free cancellation period, LockTrip will refund the amount back to the same card you used when the booking was placed. In case you have paid with crypto, we will need the address to your private wallet in order to initiate ...
    • I need a tax invoice. How do I get one?

      There are two types of tax invoices that can be issued by our accounting: private and corporate depending on who processes the payment. In case you pay with your personal credit card, we will need your personal details and the company name in order ...
    • How long will it take for the property to get my booking information?

      Usually it takes up to 24 hours as the booking needs to be synchronized with the property's reservation system. ​ Note: If you place a same-day booking, the synchronization will be faster and the booking will be visible in the property's reservation ...