What happens when a booked and paid property gets closed before my trip?

What happens when a booked and paid property gets closed before my trip?

In the unlikely event the original accommodation booked is closed, overbooked or is experiencing an unexpected maintenance problems and/or cannot provide/honor the room(s) booked, we will offer you an alternative accommodation of a similar standard (category, mealplan, location etc) or a full refund. Our clients are protected by our Customer Protection Policy
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    • Can I change the property I booked?

      This is not possible. Hotels in our inventory are not interchangeable. Each offer comes with specific cancellation and refund policies provided by the very hotel. If you would want to change your booking to one in a different hotel, what you can do ...
    • Where can I find the property's contact details?

      You can find the property's address on the marketplace, as well as in your booking confirmation email. There you will also find the contact number for the property you have booked.  Note: You can look up the contact details by searching the ...
    • Why is my property listed on LockTrip?

      The reason why you are seeing your property listed on LockTrip.com is because you have authorized a third party to re-distribute it. Currently, LockTrip is sourcing inventory from the leading wholesalers in the travel industry. This means that we ...
    • What happens if I show up for the second night of my reservation?

      If you do not inform the property before the check-in date about your delayed arrival, they will apply the no-show policy and your booking will be cancelled in their system. You won't be entitled to a refund in this case.
    • How do I know if I've paid successfully and obtain a payment receipt?

      Once а successful payment has been completed, you will receive two emails from us: the first one will be the payment confirmation email, the second one will contain the receipt. You might find the emails in your Spam inbox so we recommend checking ...