Where can I find the booking details and hotel and room policies?

Where can I find the booking details and hotel and room policies?

We’ll send you the booking details in a confirmation mail to the email address you used to register on the marketplace.

Alternatively, you can visit your personal LockTrip Dashboard, go to the My Trips section and find your booking under the Upcoming tab.

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    • Where can I find the property's contact details?

      You can find the property's address on the marketplace, as well as in your booking confirmation email. There you will also find the contact number for the property you have booked.  Note: You can look up the contact details by searching the ...
    • What if I need a special type of hotel room (with a view, non–smoking, accessible, etc.)?

      You can find additional information about the room in the "More Details" section of the selected offer. If it is not specified there, but the property description informs of such availability, you should contact the property and ask them if your ...
    • Where can I find the cancellation policy?

      The cancellation policy of the offer selected is available for review before you proceed with the payment: After you place a booking, a copy of this information will be provided in your confirmation email. You will also find it in your Dashboard on ...
    • Why is the room I selected unavailable?

      This might happen if another customer is trying to book the same offer simultaneously with you. If they don’t proceed with the booking within a certain timeframe, the reservation will be lifted and the room will become available again. 
    • How long in advance can I book my hotel?

      In most cases, you can book your hotel room 12 or even 18 months in advance, however, this varies strictly by hotel, destination and time of year.