Why is my property listed on LockTrip?

Why is my property listed on LockTrip?

The reason you see your property listed on LockTrip.com is because you've authorized a third party to redistribute it. Currently, LockTrip sources inventory from the leading wholesalers in the travel industry. This means we receive offers for your property as part of the package we request from our suppliers when a user performs a search on the marketplace. Everything is perfectly legal, and you still receive the full payment you agreed to with your connected distribution channels.
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    • How can I list my property on LockTrip?

      At this stage, self-listings for hotels and rental homes are not yet available. We will make a dedicated announcement once this feature goes live. You can follow us on Medium where you can check our progress and keep up with LockTrip updates.
    • How are the property's star rated on LockTrip?

      The categories of the accommodation establishments available on LockTrip have been provided by the accommodation establishments themselves and comply with the specific regulations of each country. An accommodation establishment in one country, ...
    • Is it cheaper to book through LockTrip or directly with the property?

      In most cases, booking with LockTrip will be cheaper, especially when looking for smaller-sized hotels or searching in higher-budget destinations. To find the best offers please use our unique discount score feature which will help you to identify ...
    • How do I book a travel service on LockTrip?

      LockTrip's goal is to be quick and easy to use. All the offers available on the marketplace are provided to you by our suppliers on an "as is" basis. This means that we display everything that the supplier and the property forward to us. During the ...
    • I compared prices with another booking site and LockTrip was more expensive. You claimed your prices were 20% cheaper.

      Prices on LockTrip are 20% cheaper on average. Individual cases will deviate around this average. It is, therefore, possible that LockTrip shows the same or even a slightly higher price for a certain property. On the other hand, you will also find ...