Will my room be still available if I arrive late at the property?

Will my room be still available if I arrive late at the property?

The property holds the room only until the latest check-in time. If you believe you will not be able to arrive before that specific hour, you need to contact the property. Otherwise, the no-show policy will be applied and your booking might get cancelled. You can read more on the no-show policy in the Cancellations and Refunds FAQ.
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    • Why is the room I selected unavailable?

      This might happen if another customer is trying to book the same offer simultaneously with you. If they don’t proceed with the booking within a certain timeframe, the reservation will be lifted and the room will become available again. 
    • How long will it take for the property to get my booking information?

      Usually it takes up to 24 hours as the booking needs to be synchronized with the property's reservation system. ​ Note: If you place a same-day booking, the synchronization will be faster and the booking will be visible in the property's reservation ...
    • Why is my property listed on LockTrip?

      The reason why you are seeing your property listed on LockTrip.com is because you have authorized a third party to re-distribute it. Currently, LockTrip is sourcing inventory from the leading wholesalers in the travel industry. This means that we ...
    • Where can I find the property's contact details?

      You can find the property's address on the marketplace, as well as in your booking confirmation email. There you will also find the contact number for the property you have booked.  Note: You can look up the contact details by searching the ...
    • What will happen if I don't show up for the reservation?

      The property will apply their no-show policy and your booking will be cancelled in their system. You won't be entitled to a refund in this case.